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by Edwin on August 23, 2011

Having tried (unsuccessfully) to buy an HP TouchPad at Dixons, Currys, PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Comet, I decided it would be easier to keep an eye on other retailers in anticipation of a price drop. The links below go straight to the HP TouchPad-related pages at each named online retailer, which may help you bypass the scramble at the front page. Hopefully they’ll bring paydirt for someone… Happy hunting!


HP TouchPad 16GB Model (FB405UA#ABB)
Trust Hardware

HP TouchPad 32GB Model (FB368UA#ABB)

Missed out on the TouchPad? Could this be the next best thing? Currys is running a sale on all non-Apple tablet PCs. Enter the code TABLET5 at checkout for a 5% discount. Their offer runs until 31st of August, 2011

The following are retailers that don’t have CURRENT stock but where there is some indication (however slim) that new stock may come in (e.g. a “sign up for more info” box or at the very least a page still up about the HP TouchPad!).

HP TouchPad 16GB Model
Argos (some tiny amounts of stock come in and then sell out in minutes)
CleverBoxes (will be selling via their eBay store, and at £199.00)
John Lewis (they briefly had some in the morning of 27 August, but sold out very quickly)
Prepay Mania

HP TouchPad 32GB Model
Argos (some tiny amounts of stock come in and then sell out in minutes)
CleverBoxes (will be selling via their eBay store, and at £229.00)
John Lewis (they briefly had some in the morning of 27 August, but sold out very quickly)
Prepay Mania

HP TouchPad 64GB Model (FB425UA#ABB)
John Lewis (they briefly had some in the morning of 27 August, but sold out very quickly)

All HP TouchPad Models
HP Small Business store (Has a number to call for stock/availability information)

I know it’s not the same thing at all (in fact it reminds me of the ending of Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot” sketch – “Does it sing? Well, not really…”) but it’s worth considering that for under £70 you could buy a LG BD550 Blu-Ray Player, or for £111 you could buy an Amazon Kindle ereader, both fine examples of cool gadgetry (and at least the %&$&% things are in stock!)

Best Buy (no longer listed on website)
BT Shop (no longer listed on website)
Carphone Warehouse (out of stock, plus “do not call” note on overview page)
Comet (no longer listed on website)
Currys (no longer listed on website)
Dabs (no longer listed on website)
Dixons (product pages taken down)
Expansys (product pages taken down)
HP store – HP TouchPad 16GB version (note on page says “This product is no longer available for sale. We do not expect this position to change.”)
HP store – HP TouchPad 32GB version (ditto)
Misco (in navigation, but product pages taken down and “out of stock” message)
PC World (in navigation but product pages taken down)
Pixmania (in navigation but product pages taken down) (product pages taken down)
Staples (no longer listed on website)
Tesco (states “product is discontinued”)

IMPORTANT: I have no “inside knowledge” about any sales, so I can’t promise any particular shop will start selling the HP TouchPad cheaply, or when they may run out of stock.

If you get really stuck, there’s always eBay! You’ll pay a premium (and you need to take all the usual precautions you would when buying sight unseen from an unknown entity) but probably not as much as it would have been new only a few days ago. Here’s a pre-configured link that should show you all the Buy it Now HP TouchPads.

Added 23/08/2011 6pm: things have been a bit crazy – the HP TouchPad sale and the desperate scramble for availability information has effectively DDOSed a number of the UK’s largest retailers! And judging by Twitter and various forum posts, the interest levels haven’t died down. Who’s going to be the next to test the mettle of their hosting company by dropping their prices to the HP’s stated sale prices (£89 for the 16GB model, and £115 for the 32GB version)?

Added 24/08/2011 11am: It’s beginning to look like it would be easier to buy a unicorn than a cheap HP TouchPad!

Added 24/08/2011 4pm: If you fancy having a crack at a cheap HP/Palm Pre 3 sim-free smartphone, I’ve just added this page to help you keep track of which merchants are selling or preparing to sell it!

Added 24/08/2011 7pm: There’s still hope. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article on T3: “Speaking via the official HP blog Mark Budgell announced today: “We had a great response to the new price and are now temporarily out of stock on and at many local retailers.” He added: “We will have more available shortly.”

Added 25/08/2011 6pm: Looking unlikely that retailers will get more stock in, but perhaps HP will announce differently tomorrow. Meanwhile, prices are slowly sinking on eBay – cheapest “Buy it Now” prices as of a few minutes ago were £174.99 (+£7.99 P&P) for a 16GB model, and £229 for a 32GB model, with new listings coming in all the time.

Added 25/08/2011 10pm: HP Palm have posted an update stating they will not have any more stock to sell, period. That’s probably game over as far as the cheap deals go, unless the (rumoured) remaining tablets surface at one retailer or another). Perhaps based on this news, the cheapest eBay prices have gone UP a few pounds!

Added 27/08/2011: The only vendor with stock left seems to be Amazon, and that’s only because they have 3rd party companies selling the HP TouchPad through the Marketplace. There are some rumours (but no more than that) that other vendors may get fresh stock next week, but it’s frankly unlikely.

If this page was useful, please spread the word! Thank you…

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