HP Pre 3 Smartphone – links to help you find it cheap

by Edwin on August 24, 2011

Following on the heels of the HP TouchPad shopping frenzy (which isn’t over yet!) the HP Pre 3 Smartphone (some review sites call it the “HP Palm Pre 3”) is the latest “must find” gadget… However, getting hold of one is likely to be an uphill struggle at best. (Here’s the Pre 3 spec page from HP)

26 August update: It’s looking very unlikely that the HP Pre 3 will still be available simless AND cheap. However, several companies are offering it “free” with monthly phone contracts, as noted in the list below.

To help you out, here are some links to sites that show evidence that they stock HP Pre 3 Smartphones, though you’re going to need a lot of patience and a lot of refreshes to find one.

Amazon.co.uk will probably stock it, but they don’t have a single dedicated page yet, so you’ll need to use this search link to keep checking.

Mobile Phones Direct (Has it “free” as part of various monthly phone contracts, plus sim-free if you use the “Filter” pulldown)

Mobiles.co.uk (Has it “free” as part of a £10.50/month mobile package with Vodaphone)

Finally, a lot of these are likely to end up on eBay fairly soon after they’re released, so if you don’t mind paying a bit of a markup you could try this pre-configured search and keep an eye on what turns up in the auctions…


Box.co.uk (info page says they’re waiting on HP pricing info before taking any more orders)

CleverBoxes (“Out of Stock” but they have replenished a couple of times in the last few days)

Clove.co.uk (unlikely to sell it as they have a note that they have refunded pre-orders and don’t expect to get stock from HP)

Expansys.com (contact form to sign up to be notified when they have further information)

Handtec (listed as “NEW – Coming Soon!)

HP Palm Shop (note says “Out of Stock. Next update on 31st of August“)

PC Stop (“Currently waiting for stock” note)

Play.com (currently no “Buy” button on the page)

Carphone Warehouse (no longer listed on their website)
Mobile Fun (listed as “discontinued”)
SupereTrader (note says “Unfortunately the HP Pre 3 stock is no longer available to us from our supplier.”)

Here’s a handy article about the device: HP Pre 3 – 10 reasons you should still buy one.

NOTE: I’ll try and keep updating this page when I come across new information or new retailers, but please do your own research.

NOTE #2: Make sure you’re buying a sim-free package, i.e. phone only. That way, you can use it with a sim from any network without having to tie yourself into a fixed, long-term contract.

NOTE #3: Some retailers call it the “HP Pre 3” or “Hewlett Packard Pre 3”, some call it the “Palm Pre 3” and some call it the “HP Palm Pre 3” – always check what you’re getting before you buy!

Added 25/08/2011 9pm: The situation’s getting grimmer as far as the likelihood of picking up a cheap HP Pre 3 is concerned. HP themselves missed one update, then their upcoming “Friday 26th August” update was pre-empted by a note saying that they’re unlikely to have more stock, or any further information until August 31st. Meanwhile some retailers are selling a handful of phones at various prices (cheaper than the planned RRP, higher than the rumoured “dump” price) while others are in wait-and-see mode…

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