The Myth of the Domain Name “Queue of One”

by Edwin on June 8, 2011

We receive a lot of email from potential buyers on account of having 6,000+ domain names for sale. One misunderstanding comes back time and again, so it’s time to dispel the myth of the “queue of one” once and for all…

Paraphrased, the (flawed) logic goes something like this: “Hey, if you weren’t sitting on this domain name, we’d be able to register it. That’s not very fair.”

What the authors of these email fail to realise is that the most desirable domain names were taken years or even decades ago. It’s worth re-reading the previous sentence until it really sinks in!

In other words, they’re not actually second in line for the domain name at all. If it’s a commercially relevant term, it will have been checked for availability dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times by other parties since we first registered it. So even if WE didn’t own the domain in question, somebody else already would.

Naturally, it’s understandably more comforting to think “We missed it by that much!” rather than face the fact that you’re at the back of a queue of interested parties that stretches down the road and around the block.

In the offline world, nobody goes around looking at the prime commercial land at the heart of the business district of a large city thinking “If only XYZ developer hadn’t bought the land already, it would have been available for us.” No, every inch of usable space in every major city in the world already belongs to someone – and it’s an accepted fact of doing business that if you want that space, you’re going to have to pay the current owner market value (or more, if they’re not looking to sell) in order to get hold of it.

The domain name market is no different.


Chris June 9, 2011 at 9:48 am

Great post. It’s amazing how framing the issue from a different perspective can change people’s opinions from negative to realistic.

I wrote a post on a very similar topic a couple of months ago:

I actually went as far to say that domainers are actually providing value for future buyers in that they are holding valuable domains for buyers who genuinely have a business models that can afford and benefit from quality domains.

Mike June 9, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Great post. Some people just don’t “get it” when it comes to domains. Another type of domain inquiry email that drives me nuts is the, “but I was the first one to register the domain so I now have rights to it forever”. Buddy, you registered the domain name but then forgot or decided not to renew it. That doesn’t mean someone else can’t or won’t register it later. In fact, here’s a quote from this type of email I received just this week …

“I started the name, and it would not even be a domain name, if not for me, and by act of the library of congress rules of copyright, I
automatically own the copyright to the name. The very minute I
made up the domain name, it became MY personal property, bar none forever.”

The name is a generic, highly searched term. Ya right, you made that up. Crazy people.

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