My thoughts on Nominet’s 50% rise in the cost of registering/renewing UK namespace domains

March 2, 2016

(I wrote most of the below for an article on but it turned out to be too long for their needs, so rather than waste it I’m posting it here. I have also authored a white paper with detailed statistics that digs deeper into the price rise.) BACKGROUND: On March 1, 2016, Nominet raised […]

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Analysis of .uk domain registration trends

September 29, 2014

With .uk domains on the market since 10 June, and the upcoming launch of the new .nz extension into the New Zealand market on 30 September, it seemed like an appropriate time to look at .uk registration trends. To date, little quantitative data has been available on the subject. 16,729 domains in Alexa’s list of […]

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Looking back at Nine Worlds

August 13, 2014

This past weekend, I attended the Nine Worlds Geekfest convention at the Radisson Blu Edwardian near Heathrow airport. The convention website explains the event thus: “It’s about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party.” Now, that’s a pretty good start, but there’s one crucial word missing: […]

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How well are top websites making use of their new .uk domains?

June 28, 2014

Are top websites making good use of their new .uk domain, or are they squandering the opportunity or even sending free traffic to a third party? Here’s an early look at the .uk winners and losers. There are 205 sites listed within Alexa’s list of the top 20,000 websites in the world. Of those […]

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What does your domain name say about your business?

June 25, 2014

Imagine you’re wandering the floor of a tradeshow. It’s hot and crowded. Not much oxygen, way too much noise and body odour. Your eyes dart left and right, alighting on a flashing billboard here, a lurid banner there. Sales staff call out from booths as you pass. The deeper you get into the event hall, […]

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In their own words: 93 successful business owners talk about the importance of their descriptive, generic domain names

March 28, 2014

Summary: a generic domain name is not a silver bullet that guarantees success. However, having the right one can catapult a business to the next level, and deliver overnight the kind of credibility it would be almost impossible to get any other way. Tip of the hat to the original publications – it’s worth taking […]

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Exact match domains can provide a significant boost to PPC ad campaigns

March 26, 2014

Not enough advice about PPC advertising optimisation takes into account the domain name, perhaps because it’s taken for granted that it’s “immutable” since there’s an existing website, with an existing web address. But nobody said you are only allowed one website! We did a test a couple of years back that showed that an exact […]

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The creeping miracle of technology

March 8, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling short-changed by the present… Where is the future my childhood books promised? Of flying cars, jetpacks, and holidays spent in a toroidal space station anchored at Lagrange point? It’s easy to spot the big stuff that didn’t happen, while the little stuff that did is so […]

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25 Domain Name Infographics

September 27, 2013

Here is a roundup of 25 infographics about domain names, and the domain name industry. Each link opens in a new window. Domain Name History, and Facts about Domain Names The History and Present State of Domain Names A Brief History of Internet Domains History of Domain Names Domain Names 101 27 Years of .com […]

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ICO warns Nominet of misdirected email danger. They should know, they’re the regulator!

September 26, 2013

In responding to Nominet’s second consultation on the possible release of .uk domain names at the second level (i.e. the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) warns: In terms of specific security issues, we are concerned that the addition of second level .uk domains could result in confusion, and potentially lead to security incidents. For example, […]

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